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Teaching kitchen

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." (Hippocrates)

Based on current knowledge, eating habits in terms of negative contextual factors are often responsible for the development of diseases. The focus of nutritional therapy is therefore primarily in the area of ​​prevention. Also as part of a holistic treatment of existing diseases, dietary measures, e.g. changes, are indispensable.

During the hospital stay in our clinic, you will learn about the dietary recommendations of the DGE (German Society of Nutrition) as part of a holistic treatment concept. You will enjoy tasty dishes similar to the Mediterranean cuisine, with whole nutritional local and organic products. The kitchen, with its chefs specially trained in nutrition, will create delicious meals within the scope of the prescribed diet by working together with our dietary specialist.

Our diets include nutrition plans like

  • whole foods
  • vegetarian whole foods
  • calorie poor foods - balanced diet
  • reduction of food 1200 kcal / day
  • diets for diabetics
  • special diets for
      - hyperuricaemia / gout
      - hyperlipidemia
      - allergies / intolerances
      - renal insufficiency
      - digestive diseases
      - high blood pressure and heart disease
      - rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis

Our kitchen provides two different menus (one is vegetarian). Patients can select foods in combination with the possibly prescribed diet by determined the number of calories every day. Patients will receive subject-related advice during meals by the dietitian. Further information is provided during training sessions in the kitchen, in our nutrition lectures, and in individual interviews. Lectures as well as practical relevance of healthy cooking, address major problems like obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, gout, and rheumatic disorders.

We have been awarded the RAL quality certification for "Competence in Healthy Eating". With this certificate, we are subject to regular review by the RAL Quality Assurance Association for nutritional expertise e.V. .

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