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In our Department of Physio Therapy, we are using a variety of treatment techniques. Treatment is based on the current diagnosis, the goal of recovery, and the recommendations made by the rehabilitation consultants who work with our physicians.

Therapies applied are

  • Functional Kinetics with the various mobilizing techniques and massage (FBL)
  • Manual therapy according to the concept of DGMM, such as Lewit, Cyriax or Maitland
  • Osteopathic treatment techniques in their entire range (only for out-patients)
  • Metameric gymnastics according to Arlen
  • Treatment according to DOM
  • Myofascial Therapy
  • Sensomotoric training Janda
  • Neurophysiological treatments (PNF, Bobath)
  • Treatment according to Brunkow
  • Treatment of functional diseases according to Brügger
  • Medical training
       - Isokinetic strength training with diagnosis and therapy control
       - Treadmill training
       - Strength and endurance training on equipment
  • Ratschow Training
  • Sling table treatment
  • Scoliosis treatment by Lennert-Schroth
  • Treatment by MacMillan
  • Respiratory therapy according to Scharschuch-Haase, Mittendorf, and Ehrenberg
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