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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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40 Jahre Birkle-Klinik


Chief Physician
Ulrich Hauser, M.D.

Medical Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Consultation by appointment
phone  +49 75 51 803 751

Christian Kühnl, M.D.
Medical Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Gisela Maschke

Phone     +49 75 51 803 751
Fax        +49 75 51 803 711


The Birkle-Klinik's Department of Internal Medicine / Division of Cardiology offers clinical services to patients in the context of follow-up treatments as well as general rehabilitation. The focus is on the treatment of heart and cardiovascular diseases - also following cardiac surgery - and metabolic diseases

Patients are examined by the attending physician immediately following admission. In the context of this initial examination, the treating physician will determine the course and goal of the therapy together with the patient.

Once or twice a week a visitation takes place by the chief physician. Among other measures, the therapies prescribed to the patient during the admission examination is effectively monitored according to the initial findings, thereby ensuring a need-based adaptation of the therapy.

No later than the 3rd day after the admission, the patient is examined by the medical specialist. We offer a professional rehabilitation after a heart attack, a wide of range of heart surgeries , as well as treatment of all metabolic diseases, such as, Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Type 2. Even following an abdominal surgery, you are in very good hands at the Birkle-Klinik. Another focus area of the  Department of Internal Medicine is the treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome with the various ways of weight loss. Treatments will take place in collaboration with the nutrition team, the physiotherapist and our psychologists.

You can expect a well-experienced and professional team that positively influences the course of your rehabilitation and healing process and supports you during the entire recovery phase.



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