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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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Sports and Exercise Therapy

  • Cardio exercise group (e.g. Coronar sports)
  • Ergometer / treadmill training
  • Endurance training (outside)
  • Heart failure training
  • Interval training for PAD in the field or on the treadmill
  • Strength training for heart patients
  • Coordination Training

The therapies of heart patients are monitored wirelessly by means of 3-lead ECG.


  • Breathing exercises
  • Gymnastics without supporting forces
  • Water treading
  • Individual mobilization with and without aids


  • Relaxation therapy
  • counseling and therapy sessions

Nursing Care

  • Wound and scar care, wound management after median sternotomy, vein harvesting, puncture , or intervention

Physical Therapy

  • Draining therapy and respiratory therapy Manuel
  • Detox therapy wrap, envelopes and probiotics

Nutritional Therapy

  • Foods modified to fit metabolic condition
       - e.g. carbon hydrate reduced food
       - limited calorie diet

Lectures and Seminars

Specific and detailed training

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