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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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The conservative treatment therapies in the Department of Orthopedics correspond largely to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

About 95% of all pain syndromes result from malfunctions of the motor system and have no pathologically relevant morphological correlation. The therapeutic concept consists of the primary diagnosis of musculoskeletal system disorders, which include all structures.

In addition to the manual myofascial medical diagnosis according Lewit a variety of  diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines are utilized.   A global therapy concept is developed based on the diagnosis of structural and functional disorders. The therapeutic strategy and the treatment goal are determined within the scope of this concept.

The therapeutic spectrum includes all standard physiotherapy techniques offered in the physiotherapy department, and which were mainly established by continued education and training of the departmental staff.

The treatment concept in the area of conservative medical treatment is follows an intensive, well-coordinated treatment strategy aiming at the patient's to continue a natural therapy after the clinical rehabilitation process.

Our therapists will develop a therapy plan that can easily be followed by the patient in his or her home environment.  Advice and support will also be given relative to the patient joining a self-help group at their place of residence. 

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