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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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Occupancy / Licensing

The Birkle-Klinic specializes in follow-up care, preventive medicine, and inpatient rehabilitation treatments. Its departments are Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Metabolic Diseases, and Orthopedics.

Our treatment spectrum includes

  • Inpatient rehabilitation treatments after acute illnesses
  • Inpatient and partially outpatient therapeutic treaments for chronic illnesses
  • Ambulatory care
  • Bathing therapies

Our 197-bed clinic accommodates patients who are

  • Members of the German Retirement InsuranceM
  • Members of the statutory and private health insurance and professional associations
  • Public servants and employees receiving supplementary health care benefits
  • Self-paying patients

We also welcome the following patient groups

  • Persons with mobility problems
  • Persons accompanying patients

The Birkle-Klinik is a medical service provider licenced to perform

  • Follow-up treatements (AHB) according tothe Medical Care Contract specified under § 111 pos. 3 SGB V all German retirement health insurance carriers 
  • Ambulatory and partially ambulatory rehabilitation treatments according to § 43 SGB V 
  • Follow-up treatments according to the occupance care contract (BGSW) 
  • Ambulatory Physiotherypy and Ergotherapy according to § 124 SGB V (by prescription)

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