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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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Our Mission

       "Prevention – Follow-up - Healing"

   "The patient at the center of our concerns"  

We are a rehabilitation clinic for internal medicine and orthopaedics.

In the Department of Internal Medicine, with the subspecialties of cardiology and metabolism, we focus on cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

In the field of orthopaedics, we treat patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Our goal is to treat these conditions effectively and to bring about lasting stabilization of health through health-stabilizing lifestyle changes. On this basis, we want to guide and encourage our patients to lead a self-reliant life and to perform tasks for their own well-being as well as for others in their social environment.

Patient oriented

it is based on the patient's participation in the medical rehabilitation as described in SGB IX. Our treatments focus on the patients's physical and mental health. Our esteem applies regardless of origin, age, religion, gender, skin color and social status. We meet our patients with understanding and tolerance and deal with their uncertainties and fears. The work with our patients is based on mutual respect and individual responsibility. The patient, the physicians, and therapists share all responsibility during the therapy process to complete the therapeutic treatment successfully. We communicate this directly to the patient and together with the patient, we determine the goals of the rehabilitation. This insures that the patient's self-reliance is promoted and equal participation in society is assured. The holistic patient-oriented treatment in our clinic is based on applicable medical standards. We treat our patients with utmost competent and afford individual care. We focus on the overall situation of the patient and take his/her personal environment into consideration.

Our task is a service that is characterized by motivation, qualification, and commitment. We treat each other with respect and share all responsibility. We honor the personality and performance of each team member. These rules apply across all hierarchy levels. Encouraging conversations and the close cooperation between all employees and departments as well as the short decision-making processes ensure the achievement of common goals. We want to enable our employees to have a motivating working environment and promote their professional development. The compatibility of work and family is very important to us.

Focusing on medical care

Our medical treatment focuses on restoring and maintaining long-term patient health. Medical treatment is based on current knowledge and medical standards. In addition to proven conventional medical treatment methods, it also includes innovative scientifically proven therapy concepts. The medically required treatment methods available here are used, provided that there are no contradictory indications. The close cooperation of the Departments of Orthopedics and Internal Medicine, with the sections Cardiology and Metabolism, enables the treatment of patients with complex clinical pictures and ensures synergy effects. Regular in-house and external training ensures the current scientific status, while also focusing on future-oriented developments..

We provide assistance and advice to our patients and their relatives to promote their health literacy and self-care skills and to facilitate their reintegration into the working life.


Our clinic is integrated into the overall social framework and provides performance under competitive conditions. Considering limited economic resources, we deal responsibly, cost-effectively and environmentally consciously with the means at our disposal. 


Quality services are utmost important to us. This is demonstrated by regular self-assessments and certifications. The basis is provided by a clinmic management that plans far-sighted and is aware of safety and issues.


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