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degemed ral ral Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics
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Preparing for your arrival

Prior to your arrival at the Birkle-Klinik, we would like to provide you with some suggestions that help to properly prepare for your stay.

Arriving by car

You will receive a detailled map with your letter of invitation. Once you arrive in Überlingen, please look for signs to the „Birkle-Klinik“. Signs indicating the way to the „Parkhotel St. Leonhard “ also take you to the Birkle-Klinik. Parking for motor vehicls is available at the clinic. There is no surveillance or security at the car park.

Arriving by train

When traveling by train, you should send your main lugage in advance to the Birkle-Klinik. Please inform us about your arrival since our shuttle services will pick you up at the zentral station (ZOB) in Überlingen.


  • Clothes suitable for the therapie sessions 
  • Sports/training suit, sports shoes/trainers with light soles for the gym
  • Bathing suit and bath rope
  • Weatherproof outdoor clothing and shoes
  • Medications you need independantly of your stay at the clinic, if necessary bring your doctor's prescription
  • Medical diagnostic reports/physican's notes, X-rayes, and attestation
  • Alarm clock 


We kindly ask you not to bring any valuables with you since the clinic does not assume any liability.

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