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Überlingen and Lake Constance

Überlingen is located at the northern shore of Lake Constance (Lake Überlingen) and is a renowned Kneipp Spa Resort.

A worthwhile excursion is a trip to the picturesque old town of Überlingen, which was once a free imperial city.. Whether it is a visit to the local cafés, restaurants, museums, art galleries, or shops - Überlingen offers leisure activities for everyone.

Following the promenade along the lake toward the resort garden,  one can enjoy beautifully landscaped greeneries. Especially worth visiting is the city park with its exotic botanic flowers and plants, the cacti and rose garden, and old trees. 

The historic town of Überlingen is famous for its Cathedral of St. Nicholas - the largest  building of the Late Gothic period at Lake Constance. The monumental wooden altar is a masterpiece created by the sculpturer Jörg Zürn. It dates back to the Late Renaissance. The magnificent Überlingen Town Hall featuring woodcut figures was created by the artist Jacob Ruß. It attracts visitors statewide.

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